The State of Us


Episode 30: The Rag

Anyone who gets periods will know that they're minus craic. We invited on our mate Clódagh (who you may know from the 'One Night Stands' episode) and had a chinwag about getting our first periods, reusable sanitary products all everything related to the rag. 

Warning: Gid levels are high. 


Episode 29: Ask A Lad #2

For our second installment of our 'Ask A Lad' series, we invited our mate Niall McEvoy to come on the podcast. We got a lads perspective on lots of topics you guys sent in - like navigating dating apps, ghosting, lad culture, the workplace... and loads more. 


[LIVE] Episode 28: Ro the Ripper & Jane the Dealer

Oh lads, being a teen was HARD. We reveal some of our most mortifying teenage stories in front of a sold-out crowd of sounders. Live at The Fourth Corner in Dublin 8 on March 9th, 2019. 



Episode 27: What’s Next?

How do you deal when life throws you a curveball? And what do you do when you're stuck at those crossroads moments? We discuss some big life news that happened to Jane this week. 

ALSO - This episode is kindly supported by Warehouse. Check out Warehouse's 'I Define Me' t-shirts and content hub HERE. 100% of all sales are donated to ROSA.


Episode 26: Building Yourself Back Up

How do you get yourself through a tough time? Our mate Aimee Lyons posted something incredibly moving and genuinely inspirational to her Instagram recently, about how she made positive changes in her life that helped her out of a dark place. She tells us her story - from uprooting and moving abroad, to ditching fuckboys and a stint as a dog walker (unreal). 

YouTube video Aimee talks about in the podcast: HERE


Big Announcement, lads!

The next episode will be out next week, but in the meantime we have some cool news that we want to share!

Check out or THIS LINK 


Episode 25: How To Be A Grown-up

Being an adult is scary and challenging, but has some deadly perks (like buying a takeaway whenever you want). We talk about how we're struggling to be successful adults and what being an adult actually means to us. We also asked our listeners what the best thing is about being a grown-up... and what's the worst.

ALSO... some extra tidbits and info on our next live pubcast on March 9th 2019.


Episode 24: Listeners’ Problems Pt.2 (w/Tara Flynn)

We were only delighted to welcome comedian, author, activist, actor extraordinaire Tara Flynn to The State of Us. We try read some problems sent in by listeners, and hashed it out of a cup of tea. PS. Don't forget to tune into Tara's podcast 'Taranoia' wherever you get your podcasts - it's whopper.


Episode 23: New Year Blues

It's 2019, and we're having ALL sorts of feelings about the turning of another year. We look back on 2018 with rose-tinted glasses, talk about our resolutions and how we're feeling entering another calendar year.

Warning: We come across a bit glum and mad existential, having been flung back into work and mundane January life... can you blame us though?


Episode 22: Surviving Silly Season

Our last podcast of the year! We were gagging to rant about this all week… 

Christmas time can be magical, for sure, but doesn’t come without its fair share of stress and sadness. We talk about how we experience Christmas and the pressures that come with the holiday.