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Episode 57: Psychedelics (w/ Ciara Sherlock)

A few weeks back, we've been hearing loads about psychedelic drugs and the use of them for recreational and spiritual and even medical use. We were mad curious and wanted to ask more Q's, SO, we invited on Ciara Sherlock - the founding director of The Psychedelic Society of Ireland. We chat to Ciara about how she became interested in psychedelic drugs, drug culture in Ireland in general and about her work as a lead facilitator of Psychedelic Experience Weekends, a programme offering legal, modern ceremonial retreats in The Netherlands using psilocybin-truffles. 

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[SPECIAL] Shitetalk #26: Lockdown Lifting, Pride, Black Lives Matter

This week, we're talking about our emerging from our lockdown cocoon, all things LGBTQ+ Pride and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

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Episode 56: When You Know Better, You Do Better

In the wake of the George Floyd murder, and the subsequent protests sparked by this incredibly cruel act of police brutality in the US - we felt it was important to discuss our subconscious racial biases, our inaction up until this point, and how we are trying our very best to do better by educating ourselves.


Episode 55: Listeners’ Dilemmas [LIVE]

Listen back on our Zoom live show, as we discussed problems sent in by listeners, and TRY to give a little advice and offer a fresh perspective. Thanks to the bunch of sounder patrons who jumped on the call and joined in. 

A problem shared and all that...



Episode 54: Coming Of Age

...Just like the rest of the country, feelings of teenage angst and awkwardness came flooding back as Lenny Abrahamson's adaptation of Sally Rooney's 'Normal People' debuted on RTE. We go right back to our coming-of-age experiences - leaving school, starting college, first loves and first heartbreaks. 


Episode 53: Love Lockdown

We're hearing all sorts of goss about single guys and gals getting their dating fix virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown. Video sex, zoom dates, Movie night voice noting... you guys are resourceful. 


Episode 52: Our Furry Pals

We're 100% obsessed with our Lola and Frankie, and it seems like all you guys are obsessed with your pets too. We chat about our current pets, past pets, and pet peeves. 

Recorded on Zoom, FYI.


Episode 51: 5 Dream Dinner Party Guests, Escapism & Plans For When Social Distancing is Over

We were far to distracted to delve into new topics, so we decided to do a quickfire episode touching on several topics suggested by listeners.



Episode 50: Day 1 [The COVID-19 Diaries]

We had an entirely different episode planned, but due to the dramatic change in current events, we felt how could we not talk about the absolute madness that is the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Episode 49: Baby Fever (w/ Rosemary MacCabe)

Whether you want kids, don't want kids, or already have kids... this one is for you. Joined by the unreal Rosemary MacCabe (@RosemaryMacCabe on Insta/Twitter).

Inspired by Rosemary's essay for Medium The Taboo of the Childless Thirty Something