The State of Us


Episode 36: Stuck in a Fantasy

Whether it be fantasising about someone you went on a date with and dreaming about your wedding day, or about the career you envision yourself in, or even about how you wish you looked... fantasising can be dangerous and keep you from living in the now. Of course, it can also be class to have a little daydream too. We talk about fantasising in all its forms and how it affects us.


Episode 35: Staying Present

Off the back of our latest live show (that we don't have a recording of due to tech difficulties, SOZ), we talk about staying present and reflecting on big moments, small moments or just checking in with how we're feeling. We talk about how we constantly looking to the future, and having our heads in our phones is affecting us... and how we try to be mindful of that. 

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Episode 34: The Relationship Coach (w/ Annie Lavin)

We were chuffed to welcome Annie Lavin aka The Relationship Coach to the podcast. When it comes to navigating relationships and dating, Annie seriously knows her shit. She's a relationship skills educator, dating expert and pyschology lecturer. We gathered up some of the most common relationship and dating questions asked by our listeners and discussed them in this episode. 

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Episode 33: Passion Projects

Finding what you love to do is hard enough.. let alone finding the time and courage to actually do it. We talk about our current passion project, the podcast, and past side gigs that failed miserably.


Episode 32: Time Leeches

Okay so the episode name seems harsh, but you know exactly who we're talking about. 

We talk about dealing with those people in your life that can drain you emotionally or waste your time, and how you can distance yourself without hurting any feelings...

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Episode 31: To Tie the Knot or Not?

This is an episode we've had loads of requests to do! 

As women approaching 30, we chat about proposals and marriage... and touch on everything from cringy Insta #engage posts that keep popping up on our newsfeeds to the pressure to get hitched and our own personal views on tying the knot.

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Episode 30: The Rag

Anyone who gets periods will know that they're minus craic. We invited on our mate Clódagh (who you may know from the 'One Night Stands' episode) and had a chinwag about getting our first periods, reusable sanitary products all everything related to the rag. 

Warning: Gid levels are high. 


Episode 29: Ask A Lad #2

For our second installment of our 'Ask A Lad' series, we invited our mate Niall McEvoy to come on the podcast. We got a lads perspective on lots of topics you guys sent in - like navigating dating apps, ghosting, lad culture, the workplace... and loads more. 


[LIVE] Episode 28: Ro the Ripper & Jane the Dealer

Oh lads, being a teen was HARD. We reveal some of our most mortifying teenage stories in front of a sold-out crowd of sounders. Live at The Fourth Corner in Dublin 8 on March 9th, 2019.