The State of Us


Episode 75: So, Ro is having a baby

Ro dropped a baby bombshell this week, and FINALLY we can chat about the rocky road to pregnancy and how she is feeling about it all. 


Episode 74: Unrequited Love

One of our listeners got in touch to ask advice on how to approach a friend who just could not shake an intense crush. How do you tell a mate gently that their crush isn't going anywhere? Well, luckily we have had a tonne of experience with this in our friendship. 


Episode 73: Agony Aunt - I Hate My Job // Gaining Weight // IUD Problems

Our first agony aunt episode of 2021. Thank's to all of you who messaged in and trusted us with your dilemmas - a problem shared and all that. 

If we didn't get to yours, no worries, we may just think it's juicy enough to do a whole episode on it. Watch this space. 


Episode 72: Pet Peeves

We chat about trivial things that drive us feckin' mental for no good reason.


Episode 71: How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?!

We get curious about those everyday, mundane things that no one talks about... 


Episode 70: Mother & Baby Homes (w/ Caelainn Hogan)

In the wake of the publication of the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes, we chat to Caelainn Hogan, journalist and author of Republic of Shame about the ongoing legacy of the religious-run institutions for unmarried mothers in Ireland.


Recording on Zoom, so sorry for loss of audio quality. 




Episode 69: Meditation (w/ Conor Creighton)

"I'd love to meditate - but I'm just so shit at it." If you've ever said this to yourself, here's the episode for you! Meditation instructor and writer, Conor Creighton, talks about how you get self-soothe and cope with some simple daily meditation practices. 


Check out



Episode 68: Growing Up Catholic

What it was like being raised in Catholic Ireland. From confessions, to confirmations, we talk about what growing up Catholic in Ireland was like and how it has impacted our adulthood. 


Episode 67: Toy Show

It's that time of the year, lads! Inspired by the Toy Show, we run through some of ours, and yours, favourite Christmas toys of all time. 


Episode 66: Never Have I Ever

Remember we were all mad into this game when we were teenagers?! Turns out it less fun as adults...

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