The State of Us


Episode 24: Listeners’ Problems Pt.2 (w/Tara Flynn)

We were only delighted to welcome comedian, author, activist, actor extraordinaire Tara Flynn to The State of Us. We try read some problems sent in by listeners, and hashed it out of a cup of tea. PS. Don't forget to tune into Tara's podcast 'Taranoia' wherever you get your podcasts - it's whopper.


Episode 23: New Year Blues

It's 2019, and we're having ALL sorts of feelings about the turning of another year. We look back on 2018 with rose-tinted glasses, talk about our resolutions and how we're feeling entering another calendar year.

Warning: We come across a bit glum and mad existential, having been flung back into work and mundane January life... can you blame us though?


Episode 22: Surviving Silly Season

Our last podcast of the year! We were gagging to rant about this all week… 

Christmas time can be magical, for sure, but doesn’t come without its fair share of stress and sadness. We talk about how we experience Christmas and the pressures that come with the holiday.


Episode 21: Work-Life Balance

As it turns out, as a generation we're not great at switching off for the weekend or evening. And don't get us started about how we're supposed to squeeze in a full time job, exercise, social life, love life and seeing family into just 7 days.

We chat about our experiences with work stress, how it impacts our lives and how we attempt that fine balancing act of work and everything else in life.

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Episode 20: Dry Spells

We're all obsessed with how much sex we are having, but we all go through dry spells. In this episode, we talk about our longest dry spells, whether by choice or not at all, and ask our listeners what lack of sex does to their confidence - if anything?

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Episode 19: A Confidence Boost

We're back after some technical glitches with a chinwag about confidence. Do you have any? We sure don't. In this episode, we talk about social anxiety, feeling a huge lack of confidence in our careers, friendships and life in general, and how we manage it. 


[LIVE] Episode 18: Fulfilment

Our first LIVE episode, recorded in front of 60 super sound guests at the Workmans Club in Dublin on October 19th, 2018

In this day and age, when you’re being #influenced left, right, and centre, it’s harder than ever to find what truly makes you fulfilled. We’ll talk about the idea of “living your best life” (cringe), struggling to find a passion and the societal pressure of having to “have it all” to be a successful human.

Of course, we’ll have our fellow Bray-head, mate and singer/musician/activist/giant ride, Karen Cowley from Wyvern Lingo joining in on the convo too. PS. If you don’t know them, check them out HERE - they’re really very good.


Episode 17: Life After A Death

The subject of 'Death' is one of the last taboos. No one likes to think about their or their loved one's mortality. But it's something we are all touched by at some point in our lives. 

We recently got a message from a listener telling us about her tragic experience of her boyfriend passing away, and how she is struggling to feel normal again after the loss. 

Instead of including this in an 'Agony Aunt' style banty episode, we thought it warranted a full discussion.

We talk about our own losses, grief and living life after a death. 


Episode 16: Ask A Lad

Ro's boyfriend, Dave, helps us answer some of our listeners' questions about sex and relationships. 

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Episode 15: Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

Work, money, relationships... what makes you stressed?!

We all know that stress can contribute to serious mental and physical health problems. So why don't we seem to be doing much about it?

We open up about what makes us the most stressed, and how we deal (or not deal) with it! 


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