The State of Us


Episode 66: Never Have I Ever

Remember we were all mad into this game when we were teenagers?! Turns out it less fun as adults...


Episode 65: Tunes That Made Us.

It's our dream to be on the BBC show, so let us have our moment. 


Episode 64: Spine-chilling Tales

Grab a cuppa, light some candles... We scare ourselves shiteless with some candlelit ghost stories. Happy Hallowe'en!


Episode 63: A Life-Changing Diagnosis [w/ Vicki McGrath]

We had the pleasure of chatting to the super inspirational sounder, Vicki McGrath. Just last year, at 34, she got the earth shattering diagnosis that she had breast cancer. She chatted about her journey through treatment, and how she stayed positive throughout her illness.
BTW - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out or

Episode 62: Mental Check-In [Trigger Warning]

* Trigger warning for discussion of depression, self-harm, and suicide.


September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and with the current social, economic, and political climate, people are struggling more than ever with their mental health. How are you doing? We take the first step to minding ourselves by just checking in with how we are feeling. 


Episode 61: Another Juicy Agony Aunt Special Part 2

When we did a call out for agony aunt problems from listeners, we had no idea we'd get so many! So...we did a part 2. This time around, we tackle the dreaded quarter-life crisis. 


Episode 60: Another Juicy Agony Aunt Special

We love a good agony aunt episode, and this time was no different. We got a mixed bag of juicy questions from listeners who've found themselves in problematic situations - from money woes, to friend drama and lots more. While we're in no way qualified to solve all your problems, we take a deep dive and offer up some fresh insight. Thank you to everyone who trusted us enough to message in! 


Episode 59: Communication is Key [w/ Maeve Acheson]

It dawned on us that really, virtually all conflict comes from lack of communication skills. With that in mind, we're joined by friend of the podder, Maeve Acheson. Maeve is a trainee therapist, the host of new podcast Take Time with Maeve Acheson and an all-around sounder! 


Episode 58: FOMO

...or, The Fear of Missing Out. We say it so flippantly but in actuality FOMO can lead to crippling anxiety and a whole host of other mental health and self-esteem issues. 

We talk about how Insta-stories are fueling our FOMO, share our listeners experiences with it and give some helpful tips for dealing. 


Episode 57: Psychedelics (w/ Ciara Sherlock)

A few weeks back, we've been hearing loads about psychedelic drugs and the use of them for recreational and spiritual and even medical use. We were mad curious and wanted to ask more Q's, SO, we invited on Ciara Sherlock - the founding director of The Psychedelic Society of Ireland. We chat to Ciara about how she became interested in psychedelic drugs, drug culture in Ireland in general and about her work as a lead facilitator of Psychedelic Experience Weekends, a programme offering legal, modern ceremonial retreats in The Netherlands using psilocybin-truffles. 

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